Current policy

A Mental Health Strategy for Scotland 2012-2015 [external site]

The Scottish Government’s mental health strategy to 2015 sets out a range of key commitments across the full spectrum of mental health improvement, services and recovery to ensure delivery of effective, quality care and treatment for people with a mental illness, their carers and families.

It sets out plans to work together with partners to respond to the ongoing challenge of improving mental health and wellbeing and ensuring improved services and outcomes for individuals and communities over the period to 2015.

It sets out the work that has already started and will continue; together with our ambitions to increase the pace of change and focus on key changes and improvements for the future within a clear performance and accountability framework.

The Strategy supports and adopts the 3 Quality Ambitions for Scotland that health and care is person centred, safe and effective. These are reflected in the 7 key themes applicable across the whole Strategy; and the 36 specific commitments to be delivered over the period to 2015 and which cover the full spectrum of mental health improvement, prevention, care, services, and recovery. 

For updates on the current mental health strategy for Scotland, visit the Scottish Government​ website. 

Government aims

The Scottish Government is committed to mental health improvement [external site] in the context of the National Performance Framework, the five cross-cutting strategic objectives of which are:

  • Healthier
  • Wealthier and Fairer
  • Safer and Stronger
  • Smarter
  • Greener

Mental health improvement involves a wide range of variables, including life stages, settings, interventions and approaches, and populations. Mental health improvement activity links with several policy areas including:

  • reduction in alcohol and substance misuse
  • increasing physical activity
  • reducing health inequalities.

Action also links to and supports policy in early years, education, life-long learning, older people, poverty and social inclusion.

How Mental Health Improvement features across other policies

NHS Health Scotland are currently working on a policy mapping of how Mental Health Improvement features across​​ other policy areas.

This document will be uploaded once this mapping is complete.

In this section

  1. Approach to mental health improvement
  2. Supporting implementation of mental health improvement