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How to play free slot machines

How fun is it to play free online slot machines? That is in any case not what you can expect on this website. Below you will immediately find a selection of the best slot machines that you can try for free in demo mode. With real money gambling is not possible on this website. You will find references to online casinos where you can expect the same slots games. And of course we only refer you to those who comply with European laws on all important aspects of online gambling. So you can assume that you can bet 100% honestly and safely. (Also read our online casino reviews).

Below the latest added slot machines, (classic) slots, slot machines. Via the main menu you reach the pages where there are more free to play.

Online slot machines

With the term “online slots”, many people will immediately think of the typical Dutch slot machines that used to be found “in the past” in pubs, gambling halls and the like. Well-known are the Random Runner, Old Timer and Club 2000. For a long time they were also found on the internet in flash, but unfortunately you do not see them as often. And actually the term “slot machine” is quite a bit old-fashioned. Literally it means “a cupboard to be able to gamble”. In the past, these were very simple with 3 really spinning reels, standard symbols and a single win line. Later it became somewhat more innovative with more functions, but it remained a real physical cabinet. Nowadays you can of course still visit a casino or gambling hall to sit in front of a slot machine for a chance of winning. However, you can speak better of a computer with a screen, processed in a “cabinet”. This has everything to do with the very fast technological developments that also go very fast in the gaming market. You also see that the term “slot machine” is increasingly being replaced for the term “video slot”. It is mainly nowadays video slot machines that you can play. This does not just apply offline, online maybe even more.

It is only a little bit short to say that slot machines have been replaced for video slots. You can still divide them into different categories. For that reason, you will also find online slots, classic slots, slot machines, slot machines and jackpot slots in our main menu.

Mobile slot machines

Most slot machines that you can play for free here are optimized for desktops. So you can not speak of mobile slots, although a large number will be played on a smartphone. Nevertheless, mobile visitors can better tap the image below for a special mobile gaming experience. Without registration it is possible to play virtually all casino games for free. It is then the HTML5 games that are optimized in every respect for “small” touchscreens. A game developer like NetEnt did not give these games the “Touch” for nothing.

Full screen and without unnecessary small buttons and the like. So you can best describe the mobile slot machines. You see the roles in full view on your smartphone or tablet and a large spin button that disappears just as the reels are turning. Of course all functions are present, but then via the menu button. The roles disappear from view and you will see all options such as adjusting the bet, setting autoplay, viewing the pay-out table.

The fun of free play

You might wonder what is nice about playing free online slots. You can not win anything and the chance of real winnings makes it exciting and fun. Still, it is definitely worth a try. Especially with the newer online slots you can expect a lot of extra game features. No simple slots with only 3 reels, 1 win line and standard symbols. However innovative games with a beautiful theme that is reflected in all aspects of the game. Many win lines or for example “243 ways to win” (or more), colossal symbols, symbols with special functions, expanding symbols. Game features like re-spins, free spins, bonus games, etc.

For the novice player it can all seem pretty impressive and complex. Yet this is not that bad. No matter how innovative a slot machine / video slot is, in the base it is little more than spinning the reels and waiting for the course. In particular, the additional game elements, such as bonus games, may give you the feeling that you can influence the outcome. This is just not true … it is all a matter of luck. This may seem to negate the expected gaming pleasure, but you will certainly be able to experience gaming pleasure. And that without losing the risk of real money.

What may be a bit complex for the novice player, are all the settings that are present. The large spin button speaks for itself, but something like the use of height adjustment is sometimes unnecessarily complicated. You can often set a coin value and a bet level. In addition, it is often possible for the older person to select the number of win lines. All those buttons i.c.m. the other, for example, for the autoplay and the game explanation, nevertheless provides an entire row among the roles. In that respect, the free play mode is again ideal to try out everything at your leisure. You will notice that it all speaks for itself.

Play with real money

Why would you want to play slot machines with real money if it is also possible for free? For the extra tension of the game ..? The chance of high money prizes ..? Logical reasons, because with real money gambling it makes many times more fun. Nevertheless, we would advise you not to just choose an online casino and play money. It is then made attractive with welcome bonuses, free spins and promotions. But it should always be a well-considered choice and never an impulsive one. Gambling also means that you can lose money. In addition, online slot machines are known to be addictive. The short time between the bet and outcome and time and time again, with a small percentage of players, can provide irresponsible gaming behavior. Never gamble when you are underage and only if you can really miss the money.

And if you do make a well-considered choice to play with real money, then you do well to do this online instead of offline. The reason has everything to do with the average payout percentage you can expect. This is also known as RTP (Return To Player). Offline, all bets between 85 and 95% are paid out as winnings. Online this percentage is between 96 and 98%. So many times more attractive, but it never guarantees that losses are hardly possible.

Real money players always do well to adjust the betting height of the chosen slot machine. By default, it is rarely the lowest possible and playing with 10 or 20 cents per spin, can also mean a chance at the top prize of thousands of euros. It is also advisable to use play limits. You do this via your personal account under “game limits”. Here, for example, set the maximum amount you can and want to deposit per month.