You can find publications related to mental wellbeing below. For further publications and research please visit the Health Scotland website. 


Inequality briefing: Health inequalities - what are they and how do we reduce them?

This is the first in a series of inequality briefings. It focuses on what health inequalities are and ways in which we can reduce them.


Inequality briefing: Good work for all

This is the second in a series of inequality briefings. It focuses on the role that good work for all can play in reducing health inequalities. It assumes that action in relation to paid employment is complemented by a social security system that is also designed to protect health and reduce health inequalities.


Good Mental Health for All

NHS Health Scotland has been working with representatives of the National Mental Health Improvement Network on creating a vision for public mental health in Scotland.

Good Mental Health for All brings together this vision, and marks the beginning of a collaborative approach to raise the profile and benefits of mental health improvement activity in Scotland.


Steps for stress national toolkit

Steps for Stress, established in 2010, is a suite of public-facing evidence based resources that aim to increase understanding of common mental health problems. It provides practical ways to deal with stress and tips to help it stop building in the future.


Carers Trust Scotland Triangle of Care

Carers Trust Scotland has launched a new guide to develop awareness of carers' needs amongst healthcare professionals and to recognise carers as partners in care. The Triangle of Care: A Guide to Best Practice in Mental Health Care in Scotland is an alliance between service user, carer and staff member that promotes safety, supports recovery and sustains wellbeing.

For more information please contact Karen Martin at Carers Trust Scotland on 0300 123 2008 or


Caregiver experiences - 10 new stories of recovery and wellbeing

Scottish Recovery network are delighted to announce the publication of a new resource about the experiences of caregivers and their views on wellbeing and recovery. The book features ten narrative accounts of people with experience of caring for someone living with mental health problems, focusing on their perspectives of recovery and wellbeing.
For more information or to order a copy of the book visit the SRN website.


The Scottish Health Survey 2012

Scotland's Chief Statistician has announced the publication of the Scottish Health Survey 2012. The survey provides data on cardiovascular disease and the related risk factors, including smoking, alcohol, diet, physical activity and obesity. Information on general health and mental health are also included. To access the main findings or full report visit the Scottish Government website.


New health inequalities content on the maternal and early years website

NHS Health Scotland has added new content to the Maternal and Early Years website highlighting the causes and impact of health inequalities on 12 areas of a child's life between 0-8 years and how the early years workforce can help address them.
The new content provides an overview of health inequalities and the policy context. It also details how health inequalities can relate to 12 areas of a child's life including; mental health and wellbeing and growth and development, and the potential impact they can have if they do occur.


Poverty, parenting and poor health

The Poverty, parenting and poor health report investigates whether there are indeed differences in early years' experiences between Scotland and England, and between the three 'city regions' of Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Glasgow and the Clyde Valley (GCV), that might partly account for the poorer health status of Scotland, and these areas.


The Children's Society - The Good Childhood Report 2013

This latest report on the well-being of children in the UK confirms that children's levels of well-being can be changed and improved by external factors. So far, 42,000 children and young people have taken part in a ground-breaking research programme into the quality of children's lives - as rated by children themselves.


National Play Strategy Launched

The Scottish Government has launched Scotland's first national play strategy. The strategy sets out the vision of play for all and recognises that as well as being fun, play is integral to a child's development.


Poverty, parenting and poor health - Early Years report

There is evidence that early years' and childhood experiences can have profound and long-lasting consequences for health and wellbeing in later life. As a result, it has been suggested that differences in such experiences may explain, or partly explain, the high levels of 'excess' mortality seen in Scotland compared with other parts of the UK. This report by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, seeks to examine this issue by means of descriptive analyses of early years' and childhood experiences between Scotland and England, and between the three 'city regions' of Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.


How to take stock of mental health in your workplace

Mind's new resource 'How to take stock of mental health in your workplace' provides a wealth of guidance on creating and maintaining a healthy, happy workplace for yourself and your colleagues. By making the most of the data you collect and existing support, this document can help to establish mental health awareness in your organisation's practice rather than seeing it as an additional challenge.


Health Promoting Health Service (HPHS)

Health Promoting Health Service (HPHS) is the national programme for health improvement action in all hospital settings. Covering topics such as tobacco, alcohol and physical activity the programme highlights the importance of collaborative working to improve health outcomes for patients during key healthcare contacts. To demonstrate how health professionals are currently supporting delivery of this agenda, providing person-centred quality healthcare, the HPHS team at NHS Health Scotland have developed a suite of Case Studies and Professional Profiles. The resources can be used to support individual or group discussion on specific professions contribution to health improvement, and be used to support practice change by learning about emerging work from other Board areas.
All these resources, and all other information on HPHS, is available on the HPHS Knowledge Network portal. For any specific information please contact the HPHS team at NHS Health Scotland by email at


SRN - National Gathering 2013 conference report

SRN have made available the full report from this year's national conference, featuring verbatim contributions from the delegate-led Recovery 2020 conversations, summaries of the speaker presentations, and more.


ScotPHN - Health and Social care of older people in Scotland: Policy Landscape

The Scottish Public Health Network has mapped the key policies and strategies affecting the health of older people in Scotland. It has produced an 'aide-memoire' of the range and scope of current policies and strategies that affect the health of older people in Scotland.


Child Poverty Briefing

Published by NHS Health Scotland the Child Poverty Briefing explores child poverty and its relationship to health and wellbeing.


IRRIS 'This is where it starts collection'

Seven case studies of work with children and parents in the early years, uncovering what professionals perceive supports positive outcomes, early intervention and prevention. An overview report explores learning from the case studies.


Outside the Box Development Support - Sharing Wisdom Report

The Sharing Wisdom report from the Outside the Box networking event in April is now available.


Mentally Healthy Retirement- Guide for H.R. Professionals and Employers

Healthy Working Lives, in partnership with CIPD, are pleased to launch their new guidance on supporting employees into mentally healthy retirement. This information guide provides advice on good practice approaches to retirement and mental health in organisations. Download the guide or call the Adviceline on 0800 019 2211 for more information.


Social Assets in Action: Evaluation report

The evaluation report of the 2012 Social Assets in Action Project has been published. This project aimed to incorporate strength-based practice in the delivery of mental health services by piloting personal asset mapping.


Supporting Young People's Health and Wellbeing - A Summary of Scottish Government Policy

Supporting Young People's Health and Wellbeing - A Summary of Scottish Government Policy has been published. This document sets out a summary of the key Scottish Government policies that aim to support young people's health and wellbeing.