The Mental Health Improvement Outcomes Framework

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​Sometimes the impact of projects and services on mental wellbeing is longer term. Changes in mental wellbeing occur as a result of the project impact on short term or intermediate outcomes such as -

  • Increased social support,
  • Increase in physical activity levels,
  • Improved physical environment

 It is worth considering if your project is likely to have a short or longer term impact on mental wellbeing.

If you think mental wellbeing is a longer term outcome, it may be worth considering whether to use an indicator of an appropriate intermediate outcome rather than mental wellbeing in your evaluation, or both. The Mental Health Improvement Outcomes Framework is an evidence informed framework which will help you link what your project does (activities) with what you want it to achieve (outcomes).  

The mental health indicators set may offer ideas about possible indicators for the mental health improvement outcomes framework's intermediate outcomes. For further information on the mental health indicators visit the NHS Health Scotland website.


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