Good Mental Health for All

​NHS Health Scotland has been working with representatives of the National Mental Health Improvement Network on creating a vision for public mental health in Scotland.

Good Mental Health for All brings together this vision, and marks the beginning of a collaborative approach to raise the profile and benefits of mental health improvement activity in Scotland.  The work focuses on the promotion of mental health and wellbeing, the prevention of mental health problems, and tackling inequalities in mental health. This is sometimes referred to as a Public Mental Health approach.

Like many other countries, we in Scotland believe that mental health should be a priority across all aspects of society. Good Mental Health for All describes how mental health has an impact on our ability to live healthy lives and how we contribute to society.

Good Mental Health for All takes account of the protective factors for good mental health, alongside the risk factors for mental health problems. Good Mental Health for all has an emphasis on wellbeing, outlining the strategies that support people to have positive mental health It brings together a vision of a mentally flourishing Scotland and sets it in the context of current thinking and developments to address health inequalities – essential if good mental health for all is to be achieved.


Good Mental Health for All aims to:

• raise awareness of the value of good mental health for all

• illustrate how, and why, mental health interventions contribute to a range of outcomes within service strategies and delivery plans, as well as contributing to the key priorities identified within Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) functions and Single Outcome Agreements

• reinforce the value of a coordinated, collaborative approach across services, sectors and communities towards improving mental health and tackling inequalities in mental health

• illustrate the contributions that can be made by all sectors and individuals towards achieving improved mental health for all.


Good Mental Health for All presentation:

The Good Mental Health For All presentation provides you with the background and rationale for the approach, and can be tailored to your requirements. Whether you're talking to colleagues in housing, education or Local Government, this presentation can help to identify the contribution everyone can make to achieving good mental health for all.